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Upsherin Cookies

It is so hard when the upsherin boy can not eat the food that is served at his own simcha. This incredible mother made such an amazing upsherin catered to her child. This is all Gluten, egg, nut, and

Chocolate Upsherin lollies

Mix together some chocolate chips and oil in a pot on a low flame When melted put it into big smiley lolly molds. Here is a link to allergy free Chocolate Chips Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips

Cookies For Any Occasion

These yummy cookies were made for a upsherin. They are nut, egg and gluten free. Below is the link to the recipe. Vegan Cookie Recipe The cookies In the picture were made with oat flour. One

Cotton Candy Dye Free Candy Option

Do you want to make a party for your child but you are so limited in what to serve? Buying a commercial cotton candy machine is the best investment. Pour in regular cane sugar and you have a delici
Helpful Ideas

Allergy Friendly Treats And What To Be Aware Of

Below is a list of candies that usually have eggs or wheat and a few allergy friendly candy ideas. Unfortunately, what is good today might not be good tomorrow. Product ingredients keep changing so

Egg Free Rice Cookies

Thank you Penina for this delicious recipe.   Ingredients: 7 Tbsp soy milk or any pareve milk 1/2 cup oil  1/2 cup sugar 3/4 cup brown sugar 1 tsp vanilla or vanilla sug