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Eczema Creams

Here are links to eczema creams Cerave Healing Ointment Eucerin Original Healing Cream Aquaphor Healing Ointment Vanicream Skin Cream Tip: It is cheaper to buy in tubs but tubes are les

Allergy Friendly Detergents

The perfumes and dyes in detergents can be irritating and cause eczema so it is important to use allergy friendly detergents. It is really trial and error though. Some products can be ok for one perso
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Cherrybrook Brownie Mix

Below is a link to a great brownie mix. This company makes amazing cake and cookie mixes. Brownie Mix
Helpful Ideas

Allergy bib

This cute bib is helpful for all babies that have allergies. Can be made at any local custom store.
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Silicone burger molds

If you're making your own burgers for your allergy child, These burger molds are super easy to use and clean. 
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Allergy friendly Sunscreens

There are so many allergy friendly sunscreens. Here are some ideas that were recommended on allergic2allergies chat. Feel free to comment on which ones work for your family.