Allergy Friendly Treats And What To Be Aware Of

Below is a list of candies that usually have eggs or wheat and a few allergy friendly candy ideas.

Unfortunately, what is good today might not be good tomorrow. Product ingredients keep changing so you must read each label and double check before giving these to anyone with allergies. Do not rely on this blog alone.


Candy that usually have eggs inside

Big Button candy

Laffy Taffy large (Strechy and tangy ones)

Candy corn

Marshmallow fluff

Salt water taffies


Candy with wheat inside

Sour sticks

Sour punch twists



Allergy friendly candy (NOTE: these may have soy and corn inside)

Enjoy Life Chocolate Bars

Mike and Ikes

Small Laffy Taffies

Dum Dums


Fruit by the foot

Dandies Marshmallows

Heaven & Earth taffy rope

Shefa Fruit Stiks

Rock Candy