Egg Free Spelt Challah

Thank you Yocheved K. for this delicious recipe



5 lb. Spelt flour (Grain Bain white spelt flour is recommended)

7.5 tsp dry yeast

1 cup sugar or honey 

4 1/3 cup water (4 1/4 cup if using honey)

1 1/4 cup oil

7.5 tsp Salt



Add yeast to 1 cup of water with some sugar. Let proof. 

Put rest of ingredients in mixer bowl (minus the sugar/honey and 1 cup of water that you already used for the yeast)

Add yeast mixture to bowl

Mix for 10 min, then let rise for around 45 minutes. Shape and let rise another hour.


This dough can be used to make pizza, garlic knots and dough for franks & blanks