Wet Wraps for Eczema

The theory behind wet wraps:

Those that suffer from Atopic Dermatitis/eczema, their skin is more open which causes the moisture to get out of the body quicker and more susceptible for dirt/germs to get in. This may cause more infections and inflammation.

How to do a wet wrap:

Take a 15-20 minute bath in some form of antiseptic (such as bleach or baking soda)

Within 3 min after coming out, pat the skin LIGHTLY just to get off the dripping water, and smear a thick layer of non-steroidal moisturizing cream all over the body

The skin pores are the most opened within this time frame and it locks the moisture in deeper

For babies/toddlers – have a long sleeve COTTON stretchie/sleeper (with feet) soaked in warm water – squeeze it out and put it on the child. Then take a dry one and put it on top. In the winter months you may want to add a warm cotton blanket or towel over them so they’re not so cold.

For older children – I have used a cotton shell, cotton leggings and cotton socks (there are thin white cotton gloves as well, sold in pharmacies)

I cut up a thin cotton baby blanket into strips to use as a scarf for the neck

Leave it on for at least an hour or 2. When taking it off smear another thick layer of moisturizing cream to seal it in.

Things to keep in mind:

Do not re-use the towels, stretchie…etc for another child.

Makes sure to wash everything on the hottest cycle possible to kill the germs

I found the Eucerin original moisturizing cream worked the best for us (there are other ones out there)


The above was submitted by a wonderful mother, Chava Schiff. If you have any questions, feel free to call/txt her @ 718-938-1738

Link To Eucerin Original Healing Cream